Budget Movers Announces Partnership With AZ Sports League

Budget Movers in Phoenix, Arizona recently announced that they have decided to partner up with the AZ Sports League. The Arizona Sports League is a unique company that organizes intramural adult sport events, leagues and tournaments throughout the state of Arizona. 

az sports league

All About AZSL

According to their website, they have shared that they strive to follow a clear mission statement. Their statement is as follow:

  • Having fun: We’re passionate about making fun happen in all of our leagues and events.
  • Building Community: We believe things are better when we all work together.  We’ve seen countless amazing connections made through the AZSL community over the years which has led to many amazing stories.
  • Accountability:  Nobody is perfect are they? We try our best and no matter what, our team will always hold itself accountable and do our utmost to ensure the best experience for our players and teams.
  • Open To Ideas: What makes AZSL special are the communities of people we’ve built around each of our leagues.  We value each and every member of our own staff but also the customers that make up AZSL.  We’ve grown and continuously improved by listening to our members and implementing ideas of all kinds.

AZSL offers several sports including basketball, soccer, kickball, flag football, sand volleyball and softball. They really just want to provide a space where adults can come and have a great time playing the sports they love with friends new and old. 

Partnering with Arizona Sports League

Budget Movers reached out to AZSL because we strongly support their mission. We are all about community, fun and health here at Budget Movers, so it seemed obvious that we would join forces.

Our team has happily contributed to their cause so that we can provide more adults the opportunity to play the sports that they love!

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