If a move to Phoenix is in your future, your first step should be to hire a full-service residential mover who can ensure a seamless, affordable Phoenix relocation. Choose carefully, as the movers you settle on can make or break your experience. Research is important, so heed these tips when you do your homework. 

1. Get Some Quotes

First, make some phone calls. Ideally, you’ll want to pick three to call and get quotes from, but you can always do more if you want. Research them online, ask your friends about them, read reviews, and call them to ask specific questions.

Once you have gathered them all, compare the rates to see which company is the most reasonably priced with services that fit your needs.

While a phone quote is OK to start, the company should always follow up with an in-person estimate for accuracy. This way, they will know what they will have to deal with on moving day, such as tight stairwells, multiple stories, narrow doorways, and awkward objects (i.e., sectional couches and pool tables). These factors will add to the price.

2. Ask About Services

From simple local moves to complex long-distance ones, always be up front about what you need. It’s best to choose a full-service mover that offers a variety of services, from packing to storage to loading/unloading, so you can get all your services under one roof. Not all movers are full service – some just offer basic local moves while others offer everything. 

3. Get References

Talking to previous customers is the best way to get a snapshot of what it’s like to work with a particular mover. These customers are likely to be transparent and honest with you about their experience, whether they were treated nicely, how they felt about the price, and how long it all took. Reputable Phoenix movers will have no problem sending you names and numbers of previous customers to speak with. 

4. Verify License and Insurance

The vetting process is not complete unless you ask about license and insurance. Just like you would ask a roofer or a plumber if they’re licensed and insured, you should do the same with a mover. This will protect both parties in the event something goes wrong. You don’t want to be liable for anything! License and insurance credentials keep movers accountable so you can get peace of mind.

Don’t hire a mover if they can’t provide proof of other one, as your belongings and property could be compromised. As a side note, Budget Movers is licensed, insured and bonded. 

5. Ask About Experience

Experience level is important in a mover. You want to see many years in business (Budget Movers has 40!), which is a good indicator of their reputation in the local community. 

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