The Complete Phoenix Moving Guide and Schedule

When you’re ready to relocate, you’ll be glad to have our Phoenix moving guide and schedule.

Here at Budget Movers, we’ve got decades of experience providing packing, loading, storage, and more. We have a track record of excellence with managing relocations, and we’re here to provide you with some helpful tips.

When you break moving down into a timeline and complete steps on a set schedule, the relocation process becomes much less challenging.

This Phoenix moving guide will help you save money, time, energy, and stress. Let’s start your relocation journey with a strategy that will set you up for success.

90 Days or More: Time to Get Started

Some people may think that 90 days or more is too early to begin planning your move. But when you start thinking about the logistics of moving and all the planning that goes into it, it’s clear that the more time you have, the better.

As soon as you’ve confirmed you’re moving and got your new location lined up, it’s time to complete the first item on your checklist – calling our Phoenix movers. 

We welcome our customers to call months in advance if possible. This allows us to get you on the schedule, and prioritize you with:

  • Plenty of time to complete the move
  • The right-sized moving team for the job
  • The proper assortment of moving supplies 

Even if you aren’t exactly sure of certain aspects of your move, such as the specific moving day or the amount of belongings you plan to take, more time makes it easier for us to adjust to changes and accommodate you as your moving journey unfolds. 

Now is also a good time to give us information about your new location. Pictures of the location and dimensions of the rooms and doors can be very helpful for us as we plan to unload your items into this new residence. 

But remember, it’s not just about moving to a new residence – it’s about moving to a new area. As you offload the tasks of packing, loading, and transport to our professional Phoenix moving company, you have more time to learn about the location that awaits you. 

Start Learning About Your New Area

Researching an area you’re moving to a few months in advance can be immensely helpful for a smooth transition and an improved experience upon moving. This will remove the awkward feeling of newness and replace it with a sense of excitement and possibility. 

When you’re moving, check out the basics of the area like its weather patterns, local transportation options, and cost of living. As for locations, first focus on the necessities, like: 

  • Medical facilities and pharmacies
  • Emergency services
  • Grocery stores and restaurants
  • Home improvement and repair services
  • Schools if you have children

By conducting this research, you can save time and reduce stress by having a clear understanding of the neighborhood and its offerings.

Additionally, researching in advance allows you to identify conveniences that can enhance your overall experience in the new area. For instance, discovering nearby gyms, parks, or community centers can help you maintain an active lifestyle and find opportunities to engage with the local community. 

Researching local restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues can give you a head start in exploring the culinary and cultural offerings of the area. Furthermore, if you have specific interests or hobbies, finding relevant clubs, groups, or organizations can help you connect with like-minded individuals and build a social network.

The Early Stage is the Easiest Stage

The earliest part of planning your move is the easiest part, because you can acclimate yourself to the moving process and your future home well in advance. 

Researching in advance enables you to familiarize yourself with the local climate, customs, and regulations, ensuring a smoother adjustment to your new surroundings. Understanding the local culture and traditions can help you navigate social interactions and show respect to the community.

Likewise, helping us understand exactly what moving services you need and how we can best assist you will get the relocation process off to a great start. Contact us today for a free estimate. 

30 Days or Less: Begin Getting Organized

With the preliminary research and initial planning now completed, moving day inches closer. This part of the process should be done no later than 30 days until your move – but you can start on it sooner depending on how much work you’ll have ahead of you.

This is where you’ll start thinking about what items you want to take. Creating a packing list is a fine way to make sure no items get left behind. This can also be a good time to note specific concerns about certain items that may be fragile or heavy.

Here are some helpful tips for creating your packing list:

  • Create paper and digital copies, and share the list with our moving team
  • Categorize the list by room, so you can go one at a time and stay organized
  • Review your list a couple of times afterwards, to double check it’s complete

With a full and well-organized list of all the items you’re taking with you, moving becomes a less daunting task. Our professional Phoenix movers will be at your service, going down this list with you to make sure everything is packed, protected, and put in the right place.

You’re preparing to have your items moved, but you’re not watching them get carried out just yet. That’s why this is a fine time to focus on other essential relocation responsibilities.

Switch Your Utilities and Consider Decluttering

As you prepare to switch locations, you should also be ready to switch your utilities. Doing this about a month prior to your move ensures time for everything to be completed and checked. 

If you have outstanding balances on current utilities, they’ll have time to process, and if there are charges to set up new utilities, you’ll have time to pay those. Make sure to switch lights, water, sewage, trash, internet, phone, and all other utilities you have. 

This is also the ideal point to consider having your new location cleaned. A deep cleaning a month or less out will have the location fresh and ready for you when you arrive.

Speaking of cleanliness, now is also a good time to consider decluttering. If you have items you want to leave behind to sell or donate, or have us move later, consider our secure storage solutions. These can also be helpful if your moving dates don’t line up perfectly. 

Remember – the less you have to bring, the quicker and more affordable your move will be. 

One Week Away: Double-Check and Prepare Mentally

It’s only a week until your big move. Now’s the time when you’ll likely start thinking a lot about the big day. Even with us providing the packing supplies, boxing up all your belongings, and handling the heavy lifting, moving is still an experience that takes a lot of energy.

As you prepare for the big day, make sure to engage in proper self-care during this week. Get plenty of rest, eat healthy, stay hydrated, and take time to clear your mind. Remember that you’ve got our skilled Phoenix movers by your side to help make this trip a success.

One week out is a good time to double-check your moving checklist one more time, and to notify us of any changes. You’ll also want to notify any other relevant parties about your move, such as doctors, schools, and of course, neighbors. Now is the time to make sure everyone knows you’re leaving and for you to say your goodbyes if you’re doing a long-distance move.

Essential Tasks to Complete Before You Leave

While you’ve already scheduled your utilities to switch over, now is the time to switch your mail. You can complete a change of address here, and expect mail to be delivered to the new address within 7-10 days. You can extend the forwarding period by up to 18 months. During this time, you may want to contact mail senders individually to request a permanent change of address.

Another crucial task to complete in the lead-up to moving day is packing your essentials box. We’ll pack up all your regular items, so this will be the only tote you’ll want to pack up yourself. It should contain the necessary items you’ll want to have around during your move, such as:

  • Healthy snacks and water
  • Medicines and first-aid items
  • Toiletries and cleaning supplies
  • Toys for your kids and/or pets
  • Money and credit cards
  • Essential documents and keys 

With these supplies close to your side, you’ll have everything you need to get through moving day and ensure you have a great trip to your new destination.

Moving Day: Help Us Help You

The big day is finally here – but luckily for you, you’ve followed our Phoenix moving guide and called us early on. Now we can arrive with the full team and complete set of supplies to support your relocation.

Other than unwrapping some snacks from your essentials box when you get hungry, you won’t have to pack up anything. We’ll also handle all the loading, as well as the set up of your new items when we reach your destination. 

There are ways you can help us expedite the moving process. Make sure the area is open and prepared for our team. Keep your kids or pets close by, or make other arrangements for them. The more space we have, the easier it is to streamline your move and get you on route to your new destination faster.

You can also help us by keeping your moving list handy, and checking off items as we pack them up. We mentioned categorizing your list by room earlier. We can label your boxes accordingly, so we can keep them safe on the truck and organized during the move. 

Remember, this is the day you spent weeks and months preparing for. With us by your side, and your diligent planning guiding us, the moving process will be completed before you know it. 

What to Do Once You Reach Your Destination

Just because you’ve reached your new home doesn’t mean moving day is over. Now comes the most exciting part. Now you will be watching as we unload and unpack your items so you and your loved ones can make this new house a home.

First, make sure your location is checked over thoroughly. Inspect it for any safety hazards that could harm you and your pets. Check the floors, electrical outlets, banisters, and other points of interest. Make sure there are no mouse traps, chemicals, paint, or other items left over from the previous owners that could be a hazard to your pets or children.

Once we’ve got the go-ahead from you, we’ll begin unloading and unpacking your items into your new location. Consider labeling your rooms, that way we can go by the labels on the boxes and unpack everything where it needs to be. This speeds up the process, and helps you settle into your new location quicker.

Reward Yourself After Relocating

After moving to a new location, the best way to reward yourself and your family is to take some time to celebrate and appreciate the accomplishment. Plan a day or weekend outing to explore the new area together, visiting local attractions, parks, or landmarks. 

Treat yourselves to a special meal at a local restaurant, trying out the regional cuisine. Create a cozy atmosphere at home by organizing a family movie night or game night. Consider visiting a spa, going for a hike, or enjoying a family picnic. Celebrating the move as a family helps create positive memories and strengthens the sense of togetherness in your new home.

Call Our Phoenix Moving Company Today!

When you’re ready to start your move, we’re here for you. With our Phoenix moving guide and our skilled relocation team, you’ll enjoy a smoother transition to your new home than you could’ve ever imagined. Our licensed and insured team offers you:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Professional packing supplies
  • Loading and unloading
  • Transport in spacious, clean trucks
  • Climate-controlled storage solutions

Budget Movers helps you save – not just money, but also time, energy, and hassle. We make moving day an easy and even enjoyable experience. With our strategies and support, you’ll get a relocation journey that you will remember for all the right reasons.
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