Tips For Moving With Kids and Pets in Phoenix

Moving is challenging enough on your own, let alone when you have a bunch of kids and pets running around. Here are some tips on how you can handle the relocation process while also managing your little ones and furry friends.

It’s All About Timing

You don’t always have a choice when it comes to your moving day, but if you do have some flexibility, consider times that make it easier on your family. If you can wait till the end of the school year, that will avoid the hassle and stress of taking your kids out prematurely. Give them the summer to adjust to the idea and get acquainted with the new neighborhood. 

Research the Area

Do your homework on the new city or neighborhood, looking for similarities with the community you’re moving from. If you’re not moving far, perhaps you can keep the same vet and pediatricians to lessen the stress on all involved. When talking to your kids about the relocation, build up the new city and tell them all about the things they’ll love. This could be anything from the mall to the ice cream shop to the movie theater complex.

If you have small kids, approach the move like an adventure to get them excited about the change. Research local dog parks, veterinarians, and coffee shops that are pet friendly. Change does stress out pets, too, so be mindful of the effect the move has on them. 

Give Kids Choices

Kids like routine, and moving to a brand-new home can be scary for them. Even pets can get rattled. Give your kids some control over the move. You can let them choose the paint color for their new room and how to decorate it, for instance. Or, they can choose the dinner menu for the first night in the new place. Or maybe you can let them pack their own room.

Give them comfort by giving them a bit of control over what’s happening to them. 

Keep Them Busy 

On moving day, keep kids busy and pets contained. For small kids, give them activities to keep them occupied, such as coloring books and crayons. Ask a friend to watch the kids and pets while you move. Keeping kids and pets out from under your feet will not only make things more productive but will keep everyone safe. 

Acclimate Your Pets 

You will obviously have to bring your pets with you in your car for the move. But if Fido isn’t thrilled about car rides, acclimate him beforehand by taking several small trips around the block. 

Hire Movers

The best way to care for your kids and pets on moving day is to hire professional movers to handle the logistics and heavy lifting. This will free you up to watch over your children and pets, which will give them the greatest amount of comfort. 

Contact Budget Movers

Let’s get things started with a free quote and book a moving day that works for your schedule. 

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